Classes – Ed Gartland Youth Centre

The Ed Gartland Youth Centre promotes various interests that the children have.  Many of our classes are led by volunteers who are specialists in the field of the class.

Zumba Class is just a fun and interactive way for the youth to exercise and dance all at the same time.
EMS Club
Ed Gartland Youth Centre music eventEntertainment Management Sports Club is a management club which gives the kids the opportunity to create and organize their own events.  Such as talent night, fashion shoes, basketball games. They learn leadership and organizing skills.
Young Debaters Club
Young Debaters is a group of students that will meet every week to discuss and debate their opinion on topics and express their views on social, political and cultural areas of life.
Just like an adaptation of the show. The youth learn how to write songs, melodies, harmonize and put together a routine. They would choreograph their own routine to perform. Every week they would be given a different genre of music to work with and perform.
Athlete Development
This program is targeted to athletes. To help them train and give them the appropriate skills needed to perform better and succeed in their field. It focuses on 10 core points in physicality.ed gartland youth centre fun
Media Minds
To inspire curiosity and awaken higher expectations among our youth. We want them to listen better, learn more, and decipher the wise from the foolish in an era of information overload and to ultimately empower our people, the electorate to make quality decisions.
The 100% – A Program of Excellence
To inspire enthusiasm about life and encourage dynamism in ones areas of gifting and or passion through practical training, frank discussions, motivational and interactive exercises and social outreach!
ecgyouthcentre weaving classesInternational Club
The international club is to introduce the members to different cultures of the world through presentation, dance, song, games and food. Getting them involved and gaining knowledge of different cultures throughout the Caribbean through guest speakers and presentations.
Book Club
This program is designed to increase the youths interest in reading and to expand their vocabularies through their imagination.

The Ed Gartland Youth Centre needs your support, if you have some time and a smile contact us and volunteer!

Classes like this need YOU.  Supplies, leadership are all valuable to the Youth Centre.