Summer Fun is Here!

Please find attached this year’s Summer Camp Flyer, Schedules for July & August, Registration Form as well as the Camp Descriptions for Summer 2017.

Remember to register as soon as possible seeing that spaces fill up rather quickly and there are limited spaces for most camps.

We have a range of exciting camps and activities to offer all summer long for kids ages 11-17.

Camps are $10 for all members and $25 for non- members per camp.

There will also be free Workshops available on various Saturdays.

We look forward to seeing you at the centre for registration and over the summer period!

summer camp 2017

Naturally Musical Camp

This camp will be tailored to not only teach the kids to read music but also learn to play various Brass instruments. It will be facilitated by Maurice Clark.

Boys Camp

Various recognizable men in The Turks & Caicos community will be facilitating this year’s Boys Camp. Each day of camp will cover a different topic focusing on learning to ‘Be Your Best You’ It will end with a fun day trip out for the boys only!!

Fitness and Nutrition Camp

This informative and interactive camp will teach participants about healthy eating habits making healthy foods and explore different fitness techniques. Facilitated by Nutrition and Demand’s founder, Tamika Handfield.

All Sports Camp

5 different ball sports over 5 days of camp will be focusing on learning the skills needed to play and all aspects relating to the sport.

Girls Camp

Various recognizable women in The Turks & Caicos community will be facilitating this year’s Girl’s Camp. Each day of camp will cover a different topic focusing on learning to ‘Be Your Best You’ It will end with a fun day trip out for the girls only!!.

Cooking Camp

Explore different cultures Learn to cook with a Private Chef! During this camp, they will be learning the basics of cooking and working in the kitchen. Participants will learn professional etiquette in the kitchen and to prepare different dishes from start to finish.

Basketball Camp

This year’s camp will be facilitated by PABA’s Coach Glasgow and will cover the disciplines of the sport including basics of ball control, dribbling, shooting, defensive and offensive drills and scrimmages. Basketball Camp is open to boys and girls ages 11-16.

Art Camp

This year’s Art Camp will teach participants various mediums of art where they will learn from different local artists and produce their own pieces of art.

Eco Camp

Be sure to sign up for the Eco-Camp, hosted by the DECR! If you have a keen interest in TCI’s natural environment, boat trips, birding, eco-crafts and beach fun well this is the camp for you. This year’s theme is the ‘Marvelous Mangroves!’

Acting Camp

Sponsored by the Turks & Caicos Friends of the arts (TCFAF), the fantastic duo Scott and Susan from Philadelphia are back for another summer! This year they will be doing ‘Broadway Bound! The camp will be providing participants with an opportunity to act and perform on stage through an exciting and intensive 5-day camp.

Boxing Camp

This camp will be a combination of learning the discipline and skill of boxing and get but cross training and fitness. Facilitated by the Turks and Caicos Boxing Federation, participants will not only learn.

Entrepreneurial Camp

The Entrepreneurial camp aims to provide kids 14-18 with hands on experience with young successful entrepreneurs in the TCI. They will learn the in and out of forming a business and running a successful business. This camp will be facilitated by various young entrepreneurs on island.

Multimedia Camp

The aim of this camp is to capture the different facets of multimedia. Participants will learn to take photographs, make short films, editing. Spotlight Communications and PRoMotion media companies will be teaming up to deliver this amazing camp!

Creative Writing Workshop

This creative writing camp is designed to help young writers bring their unique writing style to life. Writers will have the chance to experiment with various writing techniques and will also produce written pieces to showcase their individual writing style.

Junkanoo Camp

The Junkanoo Camp will not only be fun but also educational. The young people in this camp will get a chance to create their very own junkanoo costumes, get introduced to different instruments and learn more about the culture of the Turks and Caicos Islands. We Funk Junkanoo Band will be delivering this exciting camp.

Screen Print Camp

What an exciting opportunity for our young people to expand their artistic capabilities through Screen Printing. They will create designs through sketch and photos and use the power of light to transfer those designs to different surfaces. This awesome skill can be of great value to them for years to come.

POP Camp

Do you like Singing? Do you enjoy Performing? Well this camp is for you! The camp will give persons vocal and performance training as well as help mapping a future in music, song choices and other essential parts of the industry. Top local artists will be assisting under the guidance of music teacher Mr. Maurice Clarke. At the end we will be making our own music video!

Swimming Workshop

Want to learn to swim or improve your stroke? Join us in collaboration with Surfside Academy who will be hosting an 8-week program every Saturday with us! Fun in the water whilst learning a valuable life skill!