Edward C. Gartland Receives $10K Solar Power System that Guarantees Savings! – April 2014

Thanks to Tri-Canadian Energy– an alternative power manufacturer and its local business partners Green Energy Trail, the Edward Gartland Youth Centre will be saving thousands because of their installation of a $50 million 10 kilowatt off-the-grid solar power system. The owner of Green Energy trail Ltd, Ian Hurdle-a locally based alternative energy company and Steve Vandusen, of Tri-Canadian Energy – a science and research development company out of Canada teamed up to deliver this prized gift to this non-profit organization.

With the help of a few students from the local TCI Community College, Providenciales Campus Building & Design Department and the work of Tri-Canadian, the outfitting of the new power system was done earlier April. This allowed the Building & Design students to witness great work, get hands on the job training and was commissioned into service April 12th, 2014.

Mr. Vandusen mentioned that it was Hurdle’s idea to provide the Youth Centre with green energy power, and he did not hesitate to take this idea and run with it. Mr. Hurdle said, “You know what Steve, we have got a youth centre; they could use the money, they could use the savings, could we put some thing as a donation to help them out?”

“We do this all over the world- we have worked in different places- we would be more than happy to help out” which was Vandusen’s reply. Tri – Canadian also used some of their youths from Canada.

Ian Hurdle said that he looked no further; the Youth Centre was a means to not only establish his company in the community but to give back in a tangible way. Fifteen years of free energy was obviously a great gift to give especially with the ongoing daily activities and programs at the Youth Centre.

Director, Roxann Wake Forbes added that with the installation of the new power system would cut the facility’s largest bills – power. The youth centre caters to approximately 50 children on a daily basis between the hours of 3pm to 6pm, and about 80 children on a weekly basis.

“I think probably one of the biggest things that is going to be affected or be changed to our advantage is our computer lab” said Forbes. This is because it is important that the air conditioning is on in order to keep the computers cool as they generate much heat. However, with this new system, there would be no trouble keeping the air on to protect the much needed computers.

This system is equipped with a pair of 40,000 kilowatt solar batteries, capable of running the facility for up to 12 hours after sun down.