Perform On Point Camp (POP)

Do you like Singing? Do you enjoy Performing? Well this camp is for you! The camp will give persons vocal and performance training as well as help mapping a future in music, song choices and other essential parts of the industry. Top local artists will be assisting under the guidance of music teacher Mr. Maurice Clarke. At the end we will be making our own music video!

Fitness and Nutrition Camp

This informative and interactive camp will teach participants about healthy eating habits making healthy foods and explore different fitness techniques. Facilitated by Tamika Handfield of Nutrition and Demand.

Swimming Camp

Want to learn to swim or improve your stroke? Join us in collaboration with Surfside Academy who will be hosting a 1 week program in July! Fun in the water whilst learning a valuable life skill!

Girls Camp

Various recognizable women in The Turks & Caicos community will be facilitating this year’s Girl’s Camp including the Hartling Group. Each day of camp will cover a different topic focusing on the theme “Let Your Light Shine” It will end with a fun day trip out for the girls only!!.

Dance Camp

Come dance with Ryesha! This one-week hip hop and contemporary dance camp will get you moving and learning some new dance choreography. Dance show to follow

Sports Camp

Learn the skills needed to play and all aspects of several sporting games like Cricket, TAG Rugby, Softball, Soccer and more. Facilitated by the relevant Turks and Caicos Sporting Associations

Boys Camp

Various recognizable men in The Turks & Caicos community will be facilitating this year’s Boys Camp. Each day of camp will cover a different topic focusing on the theme “Knowing your worth” It will end with a fun day trip out for the boys only!! Ages 10-15

Lacrosse Camp

This Boys only camp will teach the fundamentals of this popular American sport of Lacrosse. Participants will get an exciting opportunity to learn the rules, skills and game play over this 5-day camp.

Spanish Camp

This camp will be exploring the Spanish culture with an interactive program covering topics of language, food, culture, dance and much more.

Basketball Camp

This year’s camp will be in collaboration with TCI Sports Department and Coach Don Kelbick. Drillz and Skillz will cover the disciplines of the sport including basics of ball control, dribbling, shooting, defensive and offensive drills and scrimmages. Basketball Camp is open to boys and girls ages 10-16.

Film Festival Camp

The Film Festival Camp is comprised of 2 categories for juniors (kids aged 8-11 years) and seniors (kids aged 12-17 years). Both camps will focus on environmental awareness through photography, social media and film in preparation for the first ever Turks & Caicos Film Festival in November 2019.

TCI Animal Camp

If you like learning about animals then this camp is for you. Participants will experience TCI’s finest animals from Dogs, Iguanas, Horses and a chance to experience the Mangroves. Come get ready to experience it all in this practical learning camp!

Multimedia Camp

The aim of this camp is to capture the different facets of multimedia. Participants will learn to take photographs, make short films, editing, etc. Facilitators like Cayo Hico and PR motion among other will be teaming up to deliver this amazing camp!

National Trust Culture/Leadership Camp

After a few years break we are excited to see the return of this partnership. This camp led by the National Trust will ignite young minds on key areas of culture and leadership.

Cooking Camp

Learn to cook with Chef’s from across the island! During this camp, they will be learning the basics of cooking and working in the kitchen. Participants will learn professional etiquette in the kitchen and to prepare different dishes from start to finish.


Work Readiness Workshop

Come learn how to present yourself as a worthy candidate for consideration by a perspective employer; to review a job offer and job description in order to accurately anticipate what is required of them at the workplace; to be aware of the employee characteristics that bring most value to an employer and be equipped with practical measures for assimilating quickly into a new working environment, in a way that brings most value to the employer.

DJ Workshop

In collaboration with Caribbean House Evolution, this free workshops will give and enhance participants knowledge of the art of DJing. An additional day has been added to allow more exposure and practice for participants. 3 lucky participants will also be chosen to perform at Somewhere Café on the Saturday after the workshops.

Free Diving Workshop

The breathing techniques and skill set to Free Dive. Experienced swimmers only

Sailing Workshop

This is a very hands on activity where kids are introduced to basic techniques of sailing including rigging and preparing the boat for sailing. The participants will get the opportunity to sail in the ocean while practicing how to guide the sails, etc.


Van Art Camp

This camp is designed to help participants enhance their artistic abilities and to aid them in becoming a better artist. Art ages 6-15. Contact Vanessa Valbraun for more information on 649-345-9761.

Taylors Tutoring Educational Camp

Grades 3-6 classes tailored to the needs of children in Reading/Comprehension, Creative Writing, Math and Grammar. July Only! For more information contact Rachel Taylor on 649-247-0623

Provo Maths Boot Camp

Prepare for the new school year and excel in math through expert tutoring provided by Mr. Andrew Dunbar who has years of experience in teaching math in a practical way.