Welcome to the Edward C Gartland Youth Centre!

Thank you for expressing interest in making the community a better place. We are a non-government organization that aims to help youth spend their time productively. We want to create a safe environment that is a hub for many groups featuring youth-oriented activities. We also hope to be a place where all members of the community can get involved by volunteering, regardless of age.

ed c gartland youth centre


  •   Empower teenagers with the information, skills and confidence they need to cope with the challenges of daily life
  •  Create a safe a nd inspiring environment where teens can broaden their awareness and understanding of global and    social issues and develop life skill
  • Engage the community in making a positive impact on the youth
  •  Provide equal opportunity for all young people regardless of heritage, religion or ethnic background.


Listed below are just some of the ways you can help out, and remember, we are trying to make this easy and enjoyable for you! We can work around your schedule and we would like you to choose an area in which you feel comfortable.

The Centre is open to suggestions or ideas you would like to make happen for the youth of the Islands.

Supervision – *Very important!* – Being present in one of the buildings as assigned (study area, games room, computer lab, quiet space) to ensure behavior is controlled and activities are proceeding as intended.

Events – Coordinating or assisting with aspects of an event such as food, entertainment decorations, etc.

Projects – Using your artistic talents to do small projects around the Centre such as signs, decorations, inspirational messages, pictures, photography etc.

Programs – Running a program of your choice. Schedule a time, arrange a meeting of youth interested in a topic of your choice and execute the program on a regular basis.

Workshops/Seminars – Organizing a one time (or monthly, yearly, etc) training for the youth to build their skills, hear a speech or do something hands-on.

Mentor – Work with/advise youth one on one or in small groups. For example, advising a group of young entrepreneurs how to start a small business or advising teens on how to get into college.

Tutor – Help organize a peer tutoring system and/or tutor small groups in a subject you feel comfortable teaching.

Sports – We have basketball and tennis courts on site. We will need someone to organize training and possibly a league for each! Also aerobics, running, general fitness and DANCE are always wanted!